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koirakaverin tassuvaha koiran tassujen hoitoon

Koirakaverin Tassuvaha, for pet's paws 55 ml

VAT Included

For the treatment of paws as well as scrapes of the skin. 100% natural product.

Use as needed before and after outdoor activities.

If you wish you can also place an order with us by phone or e-mail.


  • Nice feedback we've got from customers:

    "We have tried almost all creams in the pharmacy and your paw wax has been our salvation"

    "I thank you for the paw wax, will recommend it to all the dog lovers."

    "The paws became noticeably softer after just a short use and they have remained soft with regular use."

    "The paw wax quickly helped the condition of our senior dogs' paws"


    Including plenty of bees wax our paw wax treats your pet's sensitive paws naturally and effectively.


    Ice, road salt and hot asphalt can make paws sore. Skin dries out, it may crack and become inflamed. "Koirakaverin Tassuvaha" paw wax prevents painful damage, helping to keep the paws soft and in good condition. If the paws have already gotten sore, the paw wax repairs the damage that has already occurred and soothes the sore skin. It absorbs quickly and therefore does not stain floors or home textiles.


    Our paw wax is made from 100% natural ingredients. Beeswax forms a protective, water-repellent layer on the skin. The wax is antibacterial and contains skin-regenerating vitamin A. Olive oil nourishes effectively, and like beeswax, it is also antibacterial. Coconut oil is a fast absorbing moisturizer while shea butter and mango butter are skin regenerators. They relieve itchy and scaly skin smoothing out rough patches and helping to heal wounds.


    Inci: Cera Flava wax (Beeswax), Olea europaea oil (Olive oil), Cocos nucifera oil (Coconut oil), Butyrosperum parkii butter (Shea butter), Magnifera indica seed butter (Mango butter).


    Use like this: Apply 1-2 times a day. To take care of bad trail sensors before and after the run, in the future as needed.

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