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Hunaja ja karpalo -levite ja marjoja

Honey + Cranberry 150g

SKU: 015
VAT Included

Contains authentic berry and nectar squeezed from fresh berries in honey.

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  • Contains real dried berries and nectar squeezed from fresh berries in honey. Try it at the breakfast table with oatmeal, natural yogurt or toast. Mix before use.

    Honey is a good sweetener. It has been studied that its calorie count is 20% lower than that of sugar and that a person perceives it 1.3 times sweeter than sugar. Thus 70g (231kcal) of honey equals 100g (406kcal) sugar. Due to its antibacterial qualities it even for a sore throat, best enjoyed straight from the jar.

    Honey is a 100% natural product and ready when the bees have decided so. They add the necessary enzymes to the honey, dry it and finally cover it with a wax cover. Nothing is added to honey or beeswax , and nothing is taken away from it. So the beekeeper does not participate in their preparation. One bee collects about a teaspoon of honey during its lifetime.

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