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Aito kotimainen mehiläisvahakynttilä "Aatos", hiekan ruskea

Beeswax candle "Aatos", sand

SKU: 075
VAT Included

100% beeswax candle.

Height approx. 14.5 cm, burning time over 23 h.

If you wish you can also place an order with us by phone or e-mail.

  • 100% beeswax candle is the most ecological option for burning candles. It is carbon-free, i.e. it produces the same amount of carbon dioxide when it burns as was committed to it during its manufacture.

    Our candles burn with a clean flame producing very mild scent of honey. They do not contain allergens and therefore are usually suitable for people suffering from respiratory diseases or chemical hypersensitivity.

    As casted in shape they might run some beeswax so they need underlay while burning.

    Beeswax is a valuable and versatile biodegradable natural product. You can make e.g. furniture wax suitable for all wooden surfaces. In addition to the wax, you only need olive oil. You can find the exact manufacturing instructions on the sticker at the bottom of our candle.

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