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Outdoor balm from beeswax No8. 15 ml

Outdoor balm from beeswax No8. 15 ml

VAT Included

A balm suitable for lips and face protects and moisturizes. No added fragrance.

If you wish, you can also place an order from us by phone or email.

  • Balsam No8 is a lip balm that is also suitable for more general use to protect and moisturize the skin of the face. The cocoa butter it contains absorbs well, preventing the skin from drying out and cracking. It also gives the balm its pleasant chocolate scent. Light, soothing almond oil is suitable for the sensitive skin of the face. Shea butter and beeswax protect and regenerate. No added essential oil or fragrance.

     Beeswax balms effectively moisturize stressed skin. Being waterproof, they are well suited to northern climates and also protect against wind and frost. The balms are 100% natural cosmetics, additive-free and very sufficient. We only use genuine essential oils as fragrances.

     All Elma B balms are product safety certified.

     Inci: Theobroma cacao seed butter, Cocos Nucifera oil, Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Cera flava, Tocopherol (vitamin E)

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