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Hunaja-kahvisaippua kotimaista luonnonkosmetiikka

Honey & Coffee Soap 115-135g

SKU: 033
VAT Included


Exfoliating soap for all skin types. Aids superficial blood circulation and removes dead skin cells.

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  • Our honey and coffee soap contains ground coffee which exfoliates dead skin cells, aiding surface blood circulation at the same time. Coffee also has a natural deodorizing effect. Chocolate-scented cocoa butter and honey have mositurizing qualities, while beeswax soothes and protects the skin. The scent is a mix of coffee and cocoa butter, as well as orange essential oil, which has a mood-lifting effect.

    Beeswax and honey are both ancient, excellent ingredients for skincare. They have antimicrobial properties, thanks to which they prevent, treat and soothe the skin. Honey also softens and binds moisture into the skin.

    We use only natural ingredients in all our products.

    Elma B soaps do not contain synthetic fragrances, microplastics or dyes.

    Inci: Sodium cocoate (Coconut oil), Sodium olivate (Olive oil), Cocoa butterate (Cocoa butter), Sodium canolate (Rola oil), Sodium castorate (Castor oil), Aqua (Water), Cera flava wax (Beeswax) , Mel (Honey), Coffea arabica (Coffee), Citrus aurantum dulcis Peel oil (Orange oil).

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