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20% Resin beeswax balm. 30 ml

20% Resin beeswax balm. 30 ml

VAT Included

For inflamed skin, abrasions, ulcers, atopic skin and mosquito bites.

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  • 20% Resin beeswax balm contains 20% spruce resin and 14% beeswax. The balm helps in the treatment of inflamed skin. It brings relief to mosquito bites, itching, abrasions and ulcers. Also suitable for use on atopic skin.

    Pitch is a mixture of essential oils and natural resins. It is a centuries-old natural healing agent due to its antiseptic, inflammation-reducing and skin regeneration-accelerating effects.

    The balm contains essential oil of sage, which helps with many skin problems. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oil is suitable for the treatment of psoriasis, wounds and rashes. Calendula oil also repairs damaged and cracked skin.

    Beeswax balms effectively moisturize stressed skin. Being waterproof, they are well suited to northern climates and also protect against wind and frost. The balms are 100% natural cosmetics, additive-free and very sufficient. We only use genuine essential oils as fragrances.

    All Elma B balms are product safety certified.

    Inci: Brassica Campestris Seed Oil, Helianthus annuus seed oil, Picea Abies resin, Cera flava, Salvia Officinalis oil, Calendula officinalis extract.

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